Monday, May 27

Fishing Trip!

Allan,Thomas, and friends are heading out to catch some fish.  Be sure to join in on one of his fishing adventures, not to be missed.  Catch some fish and bring them home fresh for dinner.  We have plenty of activities at Paradise that should suit all needs.

Saturday, May 25

Amazing Day at "The Zoo" on Rainbow Reef

Our divers, enjoyed an amazing day today out on Rainbow Reef.  "The Zoo" was flooding with fish, and the overhangs of soft coral we're lit up brilliantly by the sun.  They enjoyed lunch on a private white sandy beach on the neighboring island, Vanua Levu, and continued on to the 2nd dive at "Freeway"

Monday, May 20

Pilot Whales Spotted off the Boat!

Pilot Whales were spotted by our guests right off the side of the boat today on the way to Rainbow Reef.  Paradise and Taveuni are frequent hosts to Dolphins and Pilot whales, and our guests sure do enjoy it. Hopefully you'll visit soon to see them with us.

Friday, May 17

Heading Home from Vuna Reef!

Our guests heading back from Vuna Reef!  Paradise is the only resort that offers diving on both Rainbow and Vuna Reef.  Vuna, being only 10 minutes by boat, offers some great diving for our guests!  Be sure to ask for sites like "the stairs" and "orgasm" next time you join us for diving.

Monday, May 13

Night Dive at Paradise Reef!

Our guests gearing up for an awesome night dive adventure!  You can do you're advanced open water course right here at Paradise, and a night dive counts towards it.  Perfect way to finish your day after soaking up some sun.  Come see us soon.

Sunday, May 5

OTA Dive Group from Los Angeles

OTA dive group from Los Angeles, California gearing up and doing a checkout dive before heading out to the amazing Rainbow Reef.  Lookig forward to some wonderful diving with them.  Be sure to check our Facebook page and website for Paradise specials and updates!

Saturday, May 4

Get Your Padi Open Water Certification right in front of Paradise

Paradise and its unique deep water frontage allows our guests to complete the Padi Open Water course right at the resort.  Enjoy taking your course in warm tropical weather and a resort setting, utilizing our pool and deep water frontage for a hassle-free experience.  You'll be off to the world famous Rainbow Reef in no time!  

Note:  Padi offers E-learning as well, where you can complete all your course work, and wait to do the exciting part here in Paradise.  You can find out more info on our website here!

Wednesday, April 24

Our guests, Greg and Terri from Minnesota, have returned to Paradise after visiting about a year ago.  They have been enjoying diving at Rainbow Reef, where they have seen famous sites such as the White Wall, The Zoo, Freeway, and many more.  Besides diving, they have enjoyed a ton of other complimentary activities we offer here at the resort, and are really looking forward to lovo at our Fiji Night celebration this evening.  Come join us for the fun!  Below is a picture of Greg and Terri enjoying Rainbow Reef at its finest.  Hope to see you again very soon.

Wednesday, April 17

Paradise Welcomes a new Dive Instructor!

New PADI DI In Paradise!

Paradise Taveuni is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Dive Instructor Ben Brodie.

Ben, from New Zealand, is excited about starting his new position in Paradise and is busy discovering the many sites we have on offer in Paradise. Rainbow Reef's legendary White Wall is one of his favourites so far, as well as Orgasm on Vuna Reef, the southern reefs of Taveuni.

Ben enjoys meeting our Resort Guests and assisting with all of their diving needs at the Pro Dive Shop, on site in Paradise. When diving with Paradise divers, he enjoys showing our Guests the underwater beauty - blue ribbon eels, lion fish, anenome fish, mantas and of course the soft corals that gives Paradise Taveuni our reputation as the 'Soft Coral Capital of the World'.

Ben looks forward to meeting you when you visit us in Paradise.

Saturday, October 13

Humpbacks in Paradise

The Humpback Whales arrived early in Taveuni this year.

Paradise Taveuni divers and snorkellers were welcomed by a pod of Humpback Whales recently on their way to Vuna Reef for a dive. The whales were only minutes away from the Resort’s private marina.

The Humpback Wales migrate through the Somosomo Straits annually on their way to Tonga. Normally they are not spotted until August, but this year they surprised us all by arriving in early July this year.

Paradise Guests then had a spectacular time diving and snorkeling at the Orgasm dive site, located on the southern reef of Taveuni where ParadiseTaveuni dives exclusively. No other dive operators dive here. The divers returned with tales of experiencing manta rays, turtles, 7 reef sharks, nudibranches, cowrie shells, soft corals and 1000’s of other tropical fish.

Humpback Whales sighted by Paradise Taveuni Guests