Saturday, March 31

DIVING IS ADVENTURE, a philosophy for divers. By Bob Halstead

My favourite article of ALL TIME about the risks in diving . By Bob Halstead

(Dear Reader, "risk" and "danger" are not the same thing though they are often confused by authorities in the name of Safety. Really they just want to restrict your adventure .. now read on ..)

Diving is not amusing nor frivolous. It cannot be conducted casually nor without thought and intelligence. People dive, not for "fun", but for ADVENTURE. Pascal noted three hundred years ago that


He recognised that to seek adventure is a product of being human, but he also recognised that adventurers should anticipate "trouble". I admit he used the word "men" instead of "people". I changed it, not to be politically correct, but because diving is a physical activity where women are often superior to men.

As we seek adventure the trouble that should concern us is the "risk" that the adventure entails. Risk increases as soon as you close the front door and head off to the dive site, then increases even more as you get into the water and descend. The risk associated with diving changes as various physical factors change, for example risk increases with depth, if there is a current, if the water is cold and murky and so on. But increased risk does NOT necessarily imply "danger" - a lack of "safety".


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Friday, March 30

Gone Diving!

The White Wall was the destination today for Pro Dive Taveuni and Nick, our Guest from the UK.

Comments from the guys…’best diving I have done for years’, ‘when are we going again?’ & ‘…..!!!!!’ from Nicole who was blown away!

Thursday, March 29

New Diving Package

Dive in Paradise for 7 nights with all accommodation, meals, Nadi transfers, 10 dives and a heap of extras to ensure your stay with us is unforgettable.

Monday, March 26

Diving with Pro Dive Taveuni

Divers staying in other Resorts are hearing about the fantastic diving on Vuna Reef and making their way to Paradise.

Pro Dive Taveuni, located on the Paradise oceanfront, has exclusive access to Vuna Reef. No other dive operator dives these sites, leaving them pristine and untouched.

Orgasm, Stairs and Paradise are some of our favourites!

Thursday, March 22

Rains helping cool Barrier Reef

Recent torrential rain and monsoons in northern Queensland have provided some rare relief for the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The poor conditions have significantly reduced ocean temperatures, making them the coolest for up to five years.

It has been a blessing for the corals - usually in the summer they are at risk of serious scorching and bleaching.

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest living organism, stretching over more than 345,000 sq km.

It is also the world's most protected marine area and has been under threat from a combination of global warming, pollution and over-fishing.

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Saturday, March 17

New Slipway

We have recently completed our new slipway on the southern end of the Paradise oceanfront. This will ensure we all sleep well as our boats and Jet Skiis will be kept safe from the elements.

Our Fijian Staff came in on Sunday to help complete the job – talk about dedication!!!

Vinaka Boys!

Friday, March 16

More training – Dive Instructors

Silence please!

Our 2 Pro Dive Masters – Manasa & Te - are studying to be our newest Dive Instructors.

Having recently reached Dive Master status, there is no stopping these 2. Heads down and no Kava!

Good Luck in your exam!

Wednesday, March 14

Paradise in Fiji

have you been over to our sister blog about the resort and island of Taveuni?

Paradise in Fiji

Friday, March 9

New addition to the Paradise Team

Welcome to Nicole & Bertrand.

A couple from France and mad keen divers!

Nicole is our new Dive Instructor and Bertrand is not only our new Financial Controller but also a Dive Master. This is their first time in Fiji, but they have spent much time in the Maldives. So far they are enjoying the lifestyle and the Diving!

Welcome Guys!