Thursday, April 12

Moon Handbooks : Fiji

In Fiji, Melanesia mixes with Polynesia, ancient India with the Pacific, and tradition with the modern world in a unique blend. Moon Handbooks Fiji explores this 322-island archipelago in the heart of the South Pacific. You get:
  • A thought-provoking introduction to the people of Fiji, famed for their warmth, generosity, and fascinating array of traditional customs
  • Details of Fiji's turbulent history, including coverage of the attempted coup of 2000 and its aftermath
  • Vivid descriptions of the islands' dazzling beaches, rainforests, and reefs, plus tips for enjoying outdoor activities like diving, surfing, sailing, kayaking and hiking
  • Frank reviews of lodgings, from luxury resorts to beachfront bures, with exact prices quoted
  • Valuable leads on flights, airfares, rides, rentals, and ferries to allow you to get around on your own or choose your package wisely
  • 53 maps and 10 charts, plus photos, drawings, glossary, and asides - all in 356 pages

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