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"Tracking White Sharks

By Carly Maple - Abyss Pictures

Great White Shark DVD - Having lived on this planet for 15 million years, the great white shark remains the ruler of a kingdom to which we are such vulnerable visitors. They are the most feared and respected of all ocean species known to mankind, but with less than 70 deaths recorded in the history of great white shark fatal attacks worldwide, are they the ruthless killers we label them as? Or are they simply a misconceived apex predator of the sea?

'Tracking White Sharks' is a thriller of a documentary, set entirely off a group of islands that stand 70 kilometres out to sea from the mainland of Southern Australia. It's the abundance of food in this area that attracts the largest of great white sharks in the world. Over 500 great whites have been tagged in these waters, most of which, by former game fishing world record holder, Rolf Czabayski. Working with Australia's leading great white shark scientist, Rolf's continuous tagging research, as he hosts and entertains cage-diving tourists from around the world aboard his luxury Calypso Star vessel, has enabled us to see exactly where and when white sharks travel."

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Wednesday, July 18

Guest comments on Paradise

Wonderful Staff at Paradise!

" The Humpback whales this morning finished our week off perfectly. Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff at Paradise who feel like friends and family now. Great diving, food and company. Can't ask for more! Until we meet again."

July 2007 - Robyn & Dan, New Caledonia.

Awesome Place!
"I'm happy that I was able to complete my Advanced Course in such an awesome place under the expert guidance of Te and Manasa. Superb diving trips - some of the best diving we've enjoyed anywhere in the world. Vinaka Vakalevu"
July 2007 - Jeff & Tracy, USA (pictured here with PADI Instructor Te)

Thursday, July 12 | Directory | Fiji

"Fijian is a fusion of people and culture. A melting pot of Melanesians and Polynesians of people of the Indian sub-continent, the English and Europeans." | Directory | Fiji

Mares Introduces New Split Fin


MARES has brought more innovations in fin technology to divers than any other company in history. Using an advanced design and combination of materials MARES has now created the highest performance SPLIT-FIN™ in its class. The RAPTOR’S design including the Whale Tail foot pocket for maximum energy transfer, delivers the maximum thrust and efficiency in the SPLIT-FIN™category.

With the introduction of RAPTOR, MARES now has a fin within our line to cover very diver’s needs. Whether it’s the legendary AVANTI QUATTRO, the technically advanced QUATTRO POWER & VOLO POWER or now the RAPTOR with SPLIT-FIN™ TECHNOLOGY, MARES continues to be the leading choice among divers around in the world when choosing Fin’s.

MARES District Sales Managers are now out presenting and taking orders for RAPTOR which will begin shipping to dealers around August 1st. RAPTOR will be availible in four colors, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. Sizes: Small, Regular and Extra Large

For additional information, contact your Mares District Sales Manager or call 1-800-874-3236

For more information on these products and the complete line of products for 2007/8 please be sure to visit the MARES booth (#1659) at the DEMA Trade Show.

HEAD USA is part of the HEAD NV Group, which is based in the Netherlands and listed on the New York and Vienna Stock exchanges. The HEAD NV Group is a worldwide sporting goods company that manufactures and markets products under the HEAD brand (racquet and winter sports), Penn (world’s #1 tennis ball and racquet ball brand), and Tyrolia (wintersports bindings), in addition to the three diving brands (Mares, Dacor and Sporasub). HEAD NV’s Chairman is Johan Eliasch.

Wednesday, July 11

Moon Handbooks Fiji

This last guidebook by David Stanley (the latest among his many guidebooks published by both Lonely Planet and Moon Handbooks, on regions as varied as Cuba, the South Pacific and Alaska), lives well up to the standard of his previous works.

As such, it will not disappoint the reader. It comes as a brilliant tool for visiting the marvelous islands of Fiji, filled with plenty of background information on the local history, culture and current events, as well as invaluable advice for the traveler, with plenty of information and tips, on anything ranging from accommodation to eating, from night-life entertainment to snorkeling.

All in all, there is nothing more to be added: once more, don't leave for Fiji without taking this extraordinary publication with you.

Saturday, July 7

Pro Dive Taveuni Divers

With Paradise Taveuni being a full house over the last 10 days, the Pro Dive Taveuni crew - Tevita, Manasa and Archie - have been working overtime to ensure our Guests are under water whenever they want to be!
Pro Dive Taveuni divers and snorkelers are pictured here:

Misha Schubert, Bernie Marmulla, Robyn Drysdale and Jamie Crosbie with Fiji's freshest PADI Instructor, Manasa.

Pictured on the Paradise Marina and just back from a Rainbow Reef experience.

The look on their faces says it all!

Humpback Whales in Paradise

Saturday 7th July 2007.

Spotted today from the oceanfront of Paradise were 4 Humpback Whales! Just meters from the lava rock waterfront, a pod of Humpbacks played and swam in the warm waters of the Somosomo Straits. Normally passing by the resort and the Straits from August to November, the whales arrived early to spend the morning splashing in the waters of Paradise Taveuni.

Paradise resort guests were the first to spot the whales sending the staff and other guests into a frenzy of picture taking.

Pictured here is our (not so great) attempt at capturing the beauty of these amazing creatures. So close to shore! Simply breathtaking!

ecosystem :: Corals stressed by warming conditions :: ENN

ecosystem :: Corals stressed by warming conditions :: ENN

"Hurricanes May Aid Stressed Coral

WASHINGTON -- Corals stressed by warming conditions may benefit from the passage of a hurricane -- as long as it doesn't slam right into them. Bleaching of corals has been a growing problem in recent years with the loss of algae or reduction of pigment in the living corals that occurs when they are stressed by warming water.

Now, a team of researchers led by Derek P. Manzello of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that hurricanes mix the warm surface water and colder deep water enough to lower the temperature as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit."

ecosystem :: Corals stressed by warming conditions :: ENN

Thursday, July 5

Tioman Mega Dive - Treasures of Tioman

Tioman Mega Dive - Treasures of Tioman

The Concept

A four day ‘festival’ gathering of scuba divers and enthusiasts from various parts of the world. This annual event will include various diving related activities with elements of fun, knowledge and skills. Participants may include enthusiast, novice as well as professionals.

TMD’s event concept will be more towards making it fun and entertaining to the diving society. This yearly event is expected to be the biggest annual gathering of diving society in the Asia Pacific region.


* To promote the interest in scuba diving to the public.
* To encourage fun, enjoyment and an active lifestyle among the diving society.
* To educate the public and the diving society on the need to preserve and protect the marine environment.
* To enrich the dive experience by presenting new opportunities for adventure and exploration above and below water.
* Enhance the knowledge, skills, confidence and technical awareness of divers.
* To provide an opportunity for vendors to introduce, promote and demonstrate their scuba diving related products.
* To promote Tioman Island as one of the major diving destination to the diving society.

Starting from 11th to 15th of July

Tioman Island of Malaysia

Entry Fee
RM200 (refer to TMD Registration for further explanation)"