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Tioman Mega Dive - Treasures of Tioman

Tioman Mega Dive - Treasures of Tioman

The Concept

A four day ‘festival’ gathering of scuba divers and enthusiasts from various parts of the world. This annual event will include various diving related activities with elements of fun, knowledge and skills. Participants may include enthusiast, novice as well as professionals.

TMD’s event concept will be more towards making it fun and entertaining to the diving society. This yearly event is expected to be the biggest annual gathering of diving society in the Asia Pacific region.


* To promote the interest in scuba diving to the public.
* To encourage fun, enjoyment and an active lifestyle among the diving society.
* To educate the public and the diving society on the need to preserve and protect the marine environment.
* To enrich the dive experience by presenting new opportunities for adventure and exploration above and below water.
* Enhance the knowledge, skills, confidence and technical awareness of divers.
* To provide an opportunity for vendors to introduce, promote and demonstrate their scuba diving related products.
* To promote Tioman Island as one of the major diving destination to the diving society.

Starting from 11th to 15th of July

Tioman Island of Malaysia

Entry Fee
RM200 (refer to TMD Registration for further explanation)"

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