Monday, October 29

YouTube video from Taveuni

Okay it's about time to get some moving pictures up here. YouTube has been with us now for long enough...

Hope you enjoy this wee clip!


Monday, October 8

Clownfish rules Paradise Reef!

Our favourite house reef - Paradise Reef - has its own armed guard at the moment.... a very territorial clownfish!

Its anemone is home to a couple of babies right now, so Mum is keeping a close eye on any visitors - including our divers.

Despite the David & Goliath proportions, our clownfish will fend off anyone she choses. Manasa, one of our Prodive Instructors, is losing the encounter so far with a nibble to the hand - much to the amusement of his fellow divers!

Tuesday, October 2

New Advanced Divers in Paradise!

Congratulations to our newest Advanced Open Water divers - Frank Tai and Tannaz Mayalek!
Frank and Tannaz came to Paradise having got their Open Water certifications in Australia and keen to dive the world-famous Great White Wall.

At a depth of 30m, this dive requires an Advanced certification so Frank and Tannaz opted to easily incorporate their Advanced course requirements into their daily dives out at Vuna Reef. A great way to mix learning and pleasure!

After celebrating their success with other guests at Paradise, Frank and Tannaz headed out to Rainbow Reef and enjoyed an awesome dive on the Great White Wall.

Well done guys!