Thursday, November 29


Paradise Taveuni has 3 of the best shore dives around with recent divers experiencing some great shore diving on Paradise Reef.

'This reef is remarkably in tact and offers so much for divers of any level. I saw hard & soft coral, lion fish, blue spotted rays, rock fish, banded sea snakes, moray eels, clown fish and reef sharks. This is a dream for all underwater photographers!"
November, George Mullard, USA.

Paradise is offering FREE Unlimited Shore dives with all 10 Dive Packages.

Sunday, November 18

PADI in Paradise

Paradise and Pro Dive Taveuni have just had the pleasure of hosting Ian Cumming, PADI's Regional Manager for Fiji and the other Pacific Islands.

Ian was delighted to congratulate Te and Manasa on their recent achievement of becoming PADI Instructors and gave the boys some great ideas for the future. He spent time with the whole Dive Team and was extremely positive about the PADI courses and standards that Pro Dive Taveuni offers.

Ian also had time to go out diving on Vuna Reef with Allan and goes back to PADI having had a great visit both above and below water.

Ian is pictured here with the Pro Dive Taveuni boys - Te, Manasa, Toutou, Wilson and Isikeli.

Monday, November 12

Fiji’s reefs in spectacular condition!

Fiji’s reefs show high coral health after recovering from a coral bleaching event.

Coral reefs have frequently been in the news over the past few years, usually for all the wrong reasons, in articles about dying corals across the globe. However, Fiji has had reason to celebrate, with recent scientific reports suggesting that the reefs here are remarkably resilient, and currently in the best condition recorded. (this millennium!)

Fiji is a large archipelago with a great variety of reef types, spread across the country. While not denying that reefs have their ups and downs, the Fiji branches of the Global Coral Reef Network (GCRMN) and Reef Check have just published the results of eight years of study, where reefs have been seen to recover from events such as Cyclones, Crown of Thorns Starfish and High-temperature Coral Bleaching, within five years.

Dive operators around the Fiji Islands have supported and carried out scientific reef surveys on their dive sites, which have shown reefs affected by coral bleaching in 2000 were back to normal amounts of coral cover by 2005, and even better than normal by 2007.

Many reefs are currently showing a spectacular array of hard corals, with more than 80% coral cover, and 40% Acropora branching and table corals, the most attractive to fish, marine animals, and divers. This suggests that corals in Fiji can survive quite catastrophic events as long as they do not occur too often, a nice cause for optimism for the South Pacific reefs.

Detailed reef health reports can be found at:

By: Helen R Sykes

Director Marine Ecology Fiji

Fiji Co-coordinator Reef Check

Fiji Co-coordinator GCRMN

Saturday, November 10

Congratulations Wilson!

Congratulations to Wilson Tikotikoca who has just become Paradise's newest Rescue diver!

Wilson is an enthusiastic member of our Marine Activities team and has now successfully completed his PADI Rescue diver course. After 3 days of learning skills and practising scenarios, Wilson passed his final assessments with flying colours - even with Zoe and Manasa being very troublesome patients!

A regular helping hand on our snorkelling and boat trips, and already a certified Boatmaster, Wilson's next ambition is to become a PADI Divemaster. Good luck!