Sunday, October 12

Just Add Water in Paradise

Paradise recently had the pleasure of hosting 12 guests from the 'Just Add Water' Dive Club from Cleveland, Ohio.

These keen divers spent several days with us out on the boats enjoying our fabulous dive sites and making friends with our Dive Crew.

Favourite spots included the Great White Wall - which had most of the group totally lost for words - and Orgasm Reef.

Though we were sad to say goodbye, we're looking forward to seeing our new Cleveland friends again soon.

Tuesday, September 9

Vuna Reef Adventure

Along with great dive sites, Vuna Reef also has an array of fabulous snorkelling.

Thanks to its exposure to the food-rich currents, there is an explosion of hard corals and reef fish to be found here.

The Reef is teeming with life - from thousands of tiny rainbow-coloured fish to slow-moving turtles and elegant banded sea snakes.

Climb aboard the boat and get ready to be amazed by the underwater marvels!

Saturday, August 16

The Paradise Fleet

"Adi Vuki" has made a graceful retirement from service but Carl has brought with him 3 boats to make up the new Paradise fleet.

All 3 are custom-made dive boats - "Divers Reef" is a 28ft fibreglass boat, "Unplugged" is a 25ft aluminium boat and "Underwater Connection" is a 25ft fibreglass boat.

The boats all have large canopies and accommodate 6-8 divers - keeping our dive trips small and personal. And perfect for making the most of our fabulous dive sites and marine life!

Sunday, August 3

Winter diving delights

As winter approaches, so do the best times for diving and sites like Fish Factory are proving to be spectacular.

Although the water temperature drops slightly, it will remain around a balmy 26 degrees celsius - perfect for donning a wetsuit and taking the plunge. And with the algal blooms of summer gone, the visibility is superb and the water crystal clear.

Recent guests Suzi and Paula were amazed by the underwater sights as they made their first ever dives and proclaimed "It's like diving in an aquarium"!

Thursday, July 24

Welcome Carl and Muriel!

Paradise and Pro Dive Taveuni have been joined by 2 new faces - Carl and Muriel Fox.

Carl and Muriel have been living on Taveuni and running a dive operation on the island for several years. They have recently joined forces with Paradise - bringing with them a wealth of experience and passion for Taveuni's reefs.

Carl's specialty is the Rainbow Reef dive sites while Muriel directs operations with the boys at the Dive Shop.

We welcome them both to Paradise and look forward to many enjoyable dives with them.

Sunday, July 13

Orgasm Reef

What better way to enjoy your diving than on an early morning trip to Orgasm Reef?

Our most “pleasurable” dive site is located on the outer wall of Vuna Reef and is named after the breeding habits of the reef sharks that we see there.

This is usually a big fish encounter dive – large schools of barracuda are common, along with whitetip reef sharks and turtles. Toutou has even seen a silvertip reef shark there recently!

Monday, June 30

Snorkelling Safari

With such fabulous snorkelling around the Resort, why not make the most of it and go on a “snorkel safari”?

Paradise’s local guides – Wilson and Toutou – are expert snorkellers and have sharp eyes for spotting all those little critters. Hop on the transport to neighbouring Dolphin Bay or Vatuwiri, then jump in the water and let the gentle current drift you back to Paradise.

Having grown up here, the boys have a vast amount of knowledge about the surrounding ocean and its inhabitants. Recent sightings include turtles and banded sea snakes – what will you see?

Tuesday, June 24

Discover Scuba in Paradise

What does it feel like the first time? How do you know what to do?

If you’ve always wanted to breathe underwater, Paradise is the perfect place to Discover Scuba. Spend some time with one of our expert instructors before taking the plunge and going diving with them on our House Reef.

Experience weightlessness as you glide effortlessly over hard and soft corals and meet some of our favourite underwater friends – you might even find Nemo!

Friday, June 6

The Stairs

With its swimthroughs and archways, ‘The Stairs’ is undoubtedly the favourite site of the Dive Team – and we’ve been having some great conditions for diving it in!

Soft white corals are abundant here and are becoming ever more prolific. We’ve also been lucky enough to see two whitetip reef sharks patrolling the entrances to the swimthroughs as we spiral up and down the ‘staircase’.

One guest recently described this as ‘the place where mermaids should live’ and, with its breathtaking beauty, it’s easy to see why.

Wednesday, May 28

Lionfish Delights

One of our favourite underwater encounters is with the many different lionfish that inhabit our waters.

Coming in all sizes, these beautiful fish are a highlight on any dive or snorkel – and we’ve been lucky enough to spot several recently.

As they waltz gracefully around the coral bommies, it almost looks as though they’re posing for photos!

Wednesday, May 21

Night Diving Adventure

Why not see a totally different side to Paradise Reef during your stay and take the plunge on a night dive?

Watch the nocturnal residents come out to play and be amazed by the differences on the Reef. Hundreds of featherstars appear from every crevice hungry for food, while torchlight reveals the gleam of many pairs of eyes – banded shrimps and hermit crabs ready to make their nighttime patrols.

Coming to rest on a large area of seagrass, be prepared to turn the torches off. And then be dazzled as the ocean is filled with thousands of pinpricks of light – phosphorescence coming to life through your movements.

Thursday, April 17

Dive Packages Available

Maximise your Paradise diving experience by booking one of our 10 dive packages – it includes a totally free dive!

Packages are available both with and without gear and allow guests to concentrate on enjoying the fabulous Fijian marine life.

Not sure how many dives you’ll do? No problem. Our dive team will keep a tally of the number of dives you’ve completed and will
upgrade you to the package as soon as you qualify for it.

Thursday, April 3

Hunt the Nudibranch

If you fancy yourself to have a sharp pair of eyes, spend some time at the Paradise dive sites and find out how many different nudibranchs you can spot.

These slugs of the ocean come in a whole rainbow of colours and can range in size from very tiny to as big as your thumb.

Our favourite sites for nudi-spotting are Dolphin Bay and Coral Gardens. The record stands at 14 different types of nudibranch on one dive – can you do better than that?

Sunday, March 9

Fish Factory

As one of our Divemasters says – this is the place where fish are made!

Situated on the inner side of Vuna Reef, Fish Factory can be dived on rising and falling tides, and is also great for snorkellers.

When we dived it yesterday, we saw two turtles and six whitetip reef sharks – plus a wealth of beautiful soft corals and hundreds of smaller reef fish.
With something for everybody, this is a diving and snorkelling site not to be missed!

Monday, February 18

Snorkel Surprise

You never know what you might see on a Paradise snorkel safari

Imagine looking down through the clear blue waters to see a magnificent manta ray swimming past you. That’s exactly what happened to our guest, Giovanni, during his snorkel trip to ‘Steve’s Corner’. The ray circled him several times before gliding away into the distance. Lucky Giovanni!

Pictured is one of Giovanni’s fantastic shots of his close encounter with the manta ray.

Nocturnal Delights

A new addition to our Marine Activities is Night Snorkelling – and our guests have been having some great trips.

The snorkel adventure leaves from our marina and our experienced guide leads guests around the House Reef – complete with torches of course!

Featherstars, crabs and lionfish have all been common night-time sights, and some lucky snorkellers have even seen parrotfish hidden in the coral fast asleep.

Sunday, February 17

New Dive Photos of Paradise

Paradise divers have been heading underwater with Pro Dive Taveuni and their cameras, taking advantage of the incredible visability.

Recently, Italian snorkeller Giovanni Fossati stayed in Paradise Taveuni in Fiji, with his partner Cecilia Clementi.

Giovanni took numerous photos of the underwater wonders around Paradise.

To see his photos, visit the gallery page on the Paradise Taveuni website.

Recently updated, the gallery features the many facets of Paradise Fiji - diving, adventures, accommodation and of course, the Fijian culture.

Saturday, January 19

The Next Generation....

The next generation of Paradise divers have begun their diving careers - Litea, Laite and Aporosa (our fabulous meke dancers) all successfully completed their PADI Junior Open Water courses last week. Congratulations!

The kids coped admirably with the heavy gear and technical terms and proved themselves totally at ease in the water. Even the dreaded mask clearing was no problem!

The highlight for all 3 was spotting a blue ribbon eel on Paradise Reef. With fantastic diving right on their doorstep, it won't be long until they see a lot more of our favourite marine animals.