Monday, February 18

Snorkel Surprise

You never know what you might see on a Paradise snorkel safari

Imagine looking down through the clear blue waters to see a magnificent manta ray swimming past you. That’s exactly what happened to our guest, Giovanni, during his snorkel trip to ‘Steve’s Corner’. The ray circled him several times before gliding away into the distance. Lucky Giovanni!

Pictured is one of Giovanni’s fantastic shots of his close encounter with the manta ray.

Nocturnal Delights

A new addition to our Marine Activities is Night Snorkelling – and our guests have been having some great trips.

The snorkel adventure leaves from our marina and our experienced guide leads guests around the House Reef – complete with torches of course!

Featherstars, crabs and lionfish have all been common night-time sights, and some lucky snorkellers have even seen parrotfish hidden in the coral fast asleep.

Sunday, February 17

New Dive Photos of Paradise

Paradise divers have been heading underwater with Pro Dive Taveuni and their cameras, taking advantage of the incredible visability.

Recently, Italian snorkeller Giovanni Fossati stayed in Paradise Taveuni in Fiji, with his partner Cecilia Clementi.

Giovanni took numerous photos of the underwater wonders around Paradise.

To see his photos, visit the gallery page on the Paradise Taveuni website.

Recently updated, the gallery features the many facets of Paradise Fiji - diving, adventures, accommodation and of course, the Fijian culture.