Thursday, April 17

Dive Packages Available

Maximise your Paradise diving experience by booking one of our 10 dive packages – it includes a totally free dive!

Packages are available both with and without gear and allow guests to concentrate on enjoying the fabulous Fijian marine life.

Not sure how many dives you’ll do? No problem. Our dive team will keep a tally of the number of dives you’ve completed and will
upgrade you to the package as soon as you qualify for it.

Thursday, April 3

Hunt the Nudibranch

If you fancy yourself to have a sharp pair of eyes, spend some time at the Paradise dive sites and find out how many different nudibranchs you can spot.

These slugs of the ocean come in a whole rainbow of colours and can range in size from very tiny to as big as your thumb.

Our favourite sites for nudi-spotting are Dolphin Bay and Coral Gardens. The record stands at 14 different types of nudibranch on one dive – can you do better than that?