Wednesday, May 28

Lionfish Delights

One of our favourite underwater encounters is with the many different lionfish that inhabit our waters.

Coming in all sizes, these beautiful fish are a highlight on any dive or snorkel – and we’ve been lucky enough to spot several recently.

As they waltz gracefully around the coral bommies, it almost looks as though they’re posing for photos!

Wednesday, May 21

Night Diving Adventure

Why not see a totally different side to Paradise Reef during your stay and take the plunge on a night dive?

Watch the nocturnal residents come out to play and be amazed by the differences on the Reef. Hundreds of featherstars appear from every crevice hungry for food, while torchlight reveals the gleam of many pairs of eyes – banded shrimps and hermit crabs ready to make their nighttime patrols.

Coming to rest on a large area of seagrass, be prepared to turn the torches off. And then be dazzled as the ocean is filled with thousands of pinpricks of light – phosphorescence coming to life through your movements.