Monday, June 30

Snorkelling Safari

With such fabulous snorkelling around the Resort, why not make the most of it and go on a “snorkel safari”?

Paradise’s local guides – Wilson and Toutou – are expert snorkellers and have sharp eyes for spotting all those little critters. Hop on the transport to neighbouring Dolphin Bay or Vatuwiri, then jump in the water and let the gentle current drift you back to Paradise.

Having grown up here, the boys have a vast amount of knowledge about the surrounding ocean and its inhabitants. Recent sightings include turtles and banded sea snakes – what will you see?

Tuesday, June 24

Discover Scuba in Paradise

What does it feel like the first time? How do you know what to do?

If you’ve always wanted to breathe underwater, Paradise is the perfect place to Discover Scuba. Spend some time with one of our expert instructors before taking the plunge and going diving with them on our House Reef.

Experience weightlessness as you glide effortlessly over hard and soft corals and meet some of our favourite underwater friends – you might even find Nemo!

Friday, June 6

The Stairs

With its swimthroughs and archways, ‘The Stairs’ is undoubtedly the favourite site of the Dive Team – and we’ve been having some great conditions for diving it in!

Soft white corals are abundant here and are becoming ever more prolific. We’ve also been lucky enough to see two whitetip reef sharks patrolling the entrances to the swimthroughs as we spiral up and down the ‘staircase’.

One guest recently described this as ‘the place where mermaids should live’ and, with its breathtaking beauty, it’s easy to see why.