Tuesday, September 9

Vuna Reef Adventure

Along with great dive sites, Vuna Reef also has an array of fabulous snorkelling.

Thanks to its exposure to the food-rich currents, there is an explosion of hard corals and reef fish to be found here.

The Reef is teeming with life - from thousands of tiny rainbow-coloured fish to slow-moving turtles and elegant banded sea snakes.

Climb aboard the boat and get ready to be amazed by the underwater marvels!


Nicole said...

Looks like fun. I am from Flordia and the only place I have been snorkeling in the Keys, but i have always wanted to go somewhere like Fiji and snorkel.

btw I just found a new travel site, baraaza.com. I think you might like it. You can review destinations, upload pics and get info for your next trip.

Vinko said...

I find some videos from there. I think I am coming.

Backpackers , Video guide for Fiji