Saturday, May 15

Paradise Taveuni at The SCUBA Show 2010

Paradise Taveuni 
at the Long Beach Scuba Show 

America's Largest Consumer Dive Expo, will take place on May 15-16 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. Look out for the Paradise Taveuni Exhibition and take advantage of our Amazing Hot Deals!!!.. C.. U.. There..!!  

If you are a scuba diver, and you are looking for the best soft coral diving in the world, then Paradise Taveuni is your destination. Not only does Taveuni offer more dive sites than anywhere in the Pacific, but it is also home to one of the top 5 soft coral dive sites in the world - the Legendary White Wall site on Rainbow Reef.

Dive like a PRO in Paradise!

Saturday, May 8

The Legendary Rainbow Reef

The Legendary Rainbow Reef...

The legendary Rainbow Reef - just 20 mins from Paradise 

 One of the most famous dives sites accessible from Paradise Taveuni is the Great White Wall. This is a site not to be missed! An underwater escarpment from 15-60 meters (50-200 feet) - though dive trips only cover to a depth of 30 metres – that is covered with a slightly luminescent white coral tinged with lavender. 

32 km of the best diving in Fiji on our doorstep in Paradise 

Other notable sites include Dakuniba Pass, a wall dive with pelagics such as barracuda, shark, tuna and the prettily coloured Annie’s Bommie, with a kaleidoscope of soft corals and reef fish.

Blue Ribbon Eel Reef presents a drift dive opportunity to spot the Blue Ribbon Eel, whereas the
Cabbage Patch features an abundant garden-like display of cabbage looking hard corals. 
Other sites include Yellow Tunnel, Jerry’s Jelly and The Ledge...!!!

Taveuni is the soft coral capital of the world.
Experience the best diving in the world in Paradise 

Monday, May 3

Paradise Diving

Paradise Taveuni offers Guests 'luxury diving'. 
Don't pick up a tank, your gear will be set up for you and delivered to the boat. 
All we ask you to do is make sure you are on the boat at 8.30 each morning. 
We'll do the rest.....

 Taveuni is world famous for its natural beauty and spectacular underwater life. You can enjoy Scuba Diving in Taveuni with Paradise Resort.  

Spend  your days under the water or at the Resort. 
There is so much to do ....or do nothing at all.

The choice is yours......