Friday, June 17

Rainbow Reef diving in Paradise

When you Dive with Paradise Taveuni you will find the Somosomo Strait. It  lies between Vanua Levu and Taveuni and is home to the Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef scuba diving Fiji, which is Fiji's most renowned dive spots.

The Strait's strong currents provide a steady flow of nutrients, perfect for soft coral.

Due to these strong currents, drift dives are the norm. Many Paradise Divers request the Yellow Tunnel, a favorite spot for photographers, as their entry point, diving to 26 feet before dropping another 60 feet past vivid yellow coral. Then head for the White Wall through a different tunnel in the reef, past sea fans and blue ribbon eels, before reaching a 200-foot drop-off. 

The soft coral covering the enormous Great White Wall is, in fact, a light lavender shade. But the depth gives the wall a surreal white glow, as if illuminated by some indiscernible electronic light source. This is a must-dive to experience polyps open to feed and revealing their brilliant colours.

Taveuni and surrounding Islands in the north of the Fiji group, have been developed for eco-touism as well as diving and the regions outstanding mountains, rainforests and waterfalls are all accessible with tours and trails to the major attractions run by Paradise Taveuni. 

Above and below water you will discover the hidden beauty that is Paradise Taveuni

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