Thursday, July 7

Paradise Taveuni recently received a write up in Time Magazine, featuring the legendary Rainbow Reef….
“Consistently rated as one of the world’s best dive sites, the wall is reached via a tubular swim-through and starts at a depth of 20 m. Between a tangle of flexible, treelike soft coral are explosions of the harder stuff, home to millions of beautifully colored anthias and other pelagic fish. Larger species of marine life lurk there too, including manta rays, barracuda and harmless reef sharks.”
Rainbow Reef is only a 20 minute scenic boat ride from Paradise Taveuni and our divers visit this spectacular reef every second day, or on request according to water conditions.
With our own Dive Shop at the Resort, Paradise divers experience ‘Luxury Diving’ with full service from our Dive Team who are ready to assist and introduce our Guests to some of the BEST diving in Fiji.
Click here to read the full Time Magazine article.
Experience awe inspiring dive sites! Experience Paradise!

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