Wednesday, November 16

The Underwater Realm

After two weeks of diving and snorkelling in Taveuni and we still cant get enough. Divers have been really impressed by the divesite ‘the stairs’. Its main attractions are the two swim throughs. The first starts at 24m and as you enter you are mesmerized by the beautiful white soft coral surrounding you, similar to that found on the famous great white wall.

On our last dive there we had a grey reef shark waiting for us at the exit of the shallow swim through and a few decent sized white tips were doing their rounds. Fish factory has definitely been living up to its name by giving us the opportunity to see loads of white tips, turtles, giant moray eels and tuna. Jerrys Jelly was busy as always with antheas surrounding us in great numbers and shooting off into all directions as the trevellie hunt them down. We were greeted by a napoleon wrasse and a sandy patch with loads of garden eels bobbing about.

Our snorkelers have also been in for a treat. Snorkelling on rainbow reef was amazing, we had 2 white tips coming in for a closer look, so close we could almost touch them, black tip, moray eels, oriental sweetlip as well as turtles and we still had some time in between to explore the picturesque waitatavi beach. Vuna reef snorkelling was just as good- dolphins putting on a show for guests, a huge napoleon wrasse, giant moray swimming under us as well as some barracuda in open water. It’s a real hard life for us here at paradise Taveuni. 

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