Tuesday, November 8

New faces @ Paradise!!

Welcome to our 1st blog as the new Dive Instructors at Paradise and Taveuni Dive.  Our names are Kim and CJ. We are from South Africa and have travelled extensively before arriving here in Fiji.

Our 1st week has been mind blowing! We have never experience an underwater realm like we have here in Taveuni. The amounts of life and the healthiest reefs are only but two things to top the diving lists.  Visibility has only been the clearest of blues! Conditions are easy comfortable diving with some currents around for those interested in a drift dive.  After a week of diving we haven’t even seen half of the reefs to offer here but we have been fortunate enough to go and have a peek at the one and only Great White Wall. Never ever have we ever seen anything like this before. In our travels we have been to places where we have dived untouched reefs with beautiful collections of hard and soft corrals and yet none of these compare to the White wall of Rainbow Reef!

Rainbow Reef is a rather long stretch of reef with many dive sites and the White wall is only one of them.  On our next update we will be able to tell you more about our experiences in the blues of Rainbow Reef.

Of course Rainbow Reef is not the only reef we visit. On the south end of Taveuni not even 10mins from the resort we have a reef known as Vuna Reef named after the local village at the waters edge of Vuna.  The great thing about Vuna Reef is not just the fact that we are the only dive operator diving here but that it is just as great as diving at Rainbow Reef. We have experienced some of the walls that Vuna has to offer like Fish Factory and Orgasm. It has been just that, an orgasm at what you can call a fish factory! Countless amounts of species, corals hard and soft, fish, sharks like White tip Reef sharks and the staunch Grey Reef coming past to have a look at the new faces visiting their reefs.  Doing safety stops after a deep dive are usually done in the open blue, well that’s what we were use to. Not here! Your safety stop is done with the most amazing corrals right next to you as the reef comes right up to a couple of inches from the surface.  When the sun is out and all you can see is life, life, and more life with the flickering of the sun beams chasing the reef fish in and between the many different plate corrals the size of your king size bed! It is something you will have to experience for yourself!

We leave you with a few of CJ's photos from our first week of living in our new home, Paradise.

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Mzungo said...

Amazing! Certainly on my "bucket- list"!