Monday, December 12

Good fishing, diving and Mantas!

Activities have been running above and below the water showing the guests all the best Fiji has on offer.. Fishing trips were super successful, once the birds were found the rods started to provide some action. Two of our guests came back with 2 Mahi Mahi and a tuna which made great sashimi. 

Jessica finally got put into the water after much preparation, on her first cruise CJ and Jay witnessed a manta breach just off Paradise’s house reef. The first one seen this season so watch this space.

 Snorkelers were greeted by a hawksbill turtle, napolean wrasse and white tip reef shark whilst swimming in the shallows of the white wall. Snorkelling Nuku reef was like being in our own personal aquarium, we dropped down on a white tip reef shark which hung with us for an hour and in for a closer look. Just before getting on the boat we had an eagle ray swim in the blue what a sight. Pinnacle dive site on vuna reef has been  revisited by one of guests almost every day this week as it has been satisfying both his desires for macro and micro photography - schools of batfish, barracuda, sharks, rays and a quick stop for a manicure by the cleaner shrimps. 

We got some downtime and headed off for some island exploring. It was our first venture past the airport and we were blown away by the picturesque white sandy beaches with palm trees as far as the eye can see and surrounding islands that one can encounter on your way to Bouma village. The ten minute walk to the first waterfall literally feels like you’ve landed yourself in a Jurrasic park set you almost waiting for a teradectile to appear at any moment. We climbed a few rocks and took a run up to jump into the coldest waters you will probably find on the island but is welcomed after the walk in the sun and humidity. There is definitely something majestic about the falls and you can just sit and watch the water crashing down for hours.