Thursday, June 21

Diving Coral Gardens

Diving ‘Coral Gardens’ from Paradise Taveuni
with Pro Dive Taveuni

The coastline around Paradise has several dive sites on offer that are sheltered from the prevailing island winds.10 minutes scenic boat ride from the resort, divers arrive at Coral Gardens.

This aptly named dive site is formed by 3 streams, or “fingers”, of lava that once flowed into the Ocean at this spot. The dive starts in the shallow shelter at the top of the first finger and once settled, divers begin their drift downwards. This is a site that can be dived at any depth and during the descent the first glimpses of the many soft corals can be seen. This is a popular feeding station for the larger reef fish and parrot fish. Trigger fish and surgeon fish can be seen in abundant numbers. The first finger also provides a home for the reef’s smaller residents with squirrel fish hiding beneath the overhangs and anemone fish guarding their offspring.

In between the lava fingers are large sandy areas, the first of which is dominated by colonies of garden eels swaying in the current. Coming to rest on the sand in front of the second finger, divers have the chance to pause and appreciate the throngs of fish – anthias are present in their hundreds, schooling banner fish swim past and box fish dart in and out of the hard corals. Hovering above the lava finger also presents the opportunity to watch the schools of pelagic fish that gather here - barracuda, snapper & yellow fin tuna are common visitors. Hammerhead sharks and manta rays have also been spotted by resort divers.

Heading up the third & final lava finger the keen-eyed may spot juvenile blue ribbon eels bobbing in the entrance of their homes, or trigger fish swimming past. As divers reach the top of the finger and the 5m mark, they enter a labyrinth of swim-throughs. Perfect for whiling away a safety stop, this maze of corridors is a fascinating end to the dive.

Thursday, June 14

New Dive Vessel at Paradise

Paradise Taveuni and Pro Dive, one of Fiji's only PADI Gold Palm 5 Star, is delighted to announce they have acquired full operation of the Pro Dive Shop located on site in Paradise.  Paradise is now no longer contracting out to other dive operators and is excited to oversee the dive shop operations.  They are still currently a PADI Gold Palm 5 star resort.

To ensure the best diving experience for their guests, Paradise has also custom built a brand new 33 ft./10 meter wood and fiberglass dive vessel specially suited for the waters of Taveuni. 'Paradise Princess', built locally in Fiji, takes up to 14 divers, two dive masters and crew, With a canopy covering the boat to protect from the Fiji sun, 'Paradise Princess' is powered by twin 60 HP Yamaha outboard motors. 

The new addition to the Paradise fleet and overseeing the full service on-site dive operation allows us to take up to 34 Fiji divers if necessary. This makes Paradise Taveuni perfect for individuals and dive groups looking for pristine and untouched dive sites coupled with outstanding accommodation, resort facilities and service.