Saturday, October 13

Humpbacks in Paradise

The Humpback Whales arrived early in Taveuni this year.

Paradise Taveuni divers and snorkellers were welcomed by a pod of Humpback Whales recently on their way to Vuna Reef for a dive. The whales were only minutes away from the Resort’s private marina.

The Humpback Wales migrate through the Somosomo Straits annually on their way to Tonga. Normally they are not spotted until August, but this year they surprised us all by arriving in early July this year.

Paradise Guests then had a spectacular time diving and snorkeling at the Orgasm dive site, located on the southern reef of Taveuni where ParadiseTaveuni dives exclusively. No other dive operators dive here. The divers returned with tales of experiencing manta rays, turtles, 7 reef sharks, nudibranches, cowrie shells, soft corals and 1000’s of other tropical fish.

Humpback Whales sighted by Paradise Taveuni Guests


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