Monday, November 3

Learn to Dive in Paradise

Today I completed my Open Water Dive Certificate at Paradise Taveuni through Pro Dive Taveuni! It was a truly unforgettable experience, and a fairly easy thing to do. Pro Dive offers an extensive selection of courses, dive gear and sites; and is operated by a professional and knowledgeable Dive Team led by PADI Dive instructor and resort owner, Allan Gortan. Pro Dive Taveuni also has a fleet of custom made boats that provide access to the pristine reefs surrounding the Garden Island of Taveuni.

The Course:
Step One: Snorkel off the pristine waterfront at Paradise, where you can witness the labyrinth of lava flow covered by various hard and soft corral. There are innumerable fish from the majestic Parrot Fish to the elusive Leather Jacket. Here, your thirst will grow to explore more.

Step two: Take your Dive course which you can purchase and complete online. This gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace, anytime, anywhere within a 12 month period. I was very fortunate as I was presented the online dive course as a wedding gift from my wife's instructors.
The course will introduce you to the fundamentals of diving- the various techniques, dive theory, and worst case scenarios. There are risks with diving, but if steps are followed diligently, you will have an amazing time. Once you have finished all your reading and/or watching videos, you will take an exam, answering various questions about diving and having a safe enjoyable dive.

Step Three: The Practical. Here you will put to test the skills and knowledge you learned from the online course. The first two sessions will take place in the safety of the pool. Your instructor will show you everything from setting up your gear to how to enter the water, fixing problems underwater such as clearing your mask, runaway regulators, and the special hand signal signals used to communicate specific situations and directions.

Step four: Time to get in the Ocean. To complete your open water course you must log 2 shore dives and 2 boat dives. Here is where you really get to apply your new set of knowledge and skills like 'diving like a fish'. As the reef is a delicate system of hard and soft corrals, aquatic life and things that could hurt you if not careful, it is important to maintain neutral buoyancy using your lungs to ascend or descend. Nowadays, divers are equipped with a handy dive computer that tells you your depth, ascension rate, and dive time and features a convenient safety stop timer (safety stop: 15ft or 6-4.5 meters below the surface where you wait for 3 minutes so the nitrogen in you body safely leaves your blood stream). When you follow all the steps and procedures you can have the time of your life. Once you have completed your dives and logged the necessary time, that's it! You are now certified to dive anywhere in the world. As a final test and introduction to the deep, my instructor took me down to 100 feet, and acted out a panicked diver scenario that just ran out of air! Thanks Mark. Succeeding in this left me feeling confident and eager to explore more of the underwater world!

Click here to find out more how to get Certified to Dive at Paradise Taveuni.

Tuesday, September 30

Unique creations from an unlikely source!


Recently, Paradise owner & operator, Terri Gortan, had the pleasure of meeting jewelry designer Amy Haas at the Dream Weaver Dive Show in Denver, Colorado. Amy has a unique range of jewelry including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets and earrings all made from recycled o-rings used in scuba equipment.

A diver herself, Amy saw the potential in your spent o-rings, instead of seeing trash, she saw treasure and has not looked back since. Every piece is unique in material as well as design. These lightweight creations are not only eco-friendly but extremely versatile being waterproof they can be worn in the water, even get them back to their roots and go diving!

Zula Dive Wear is now available for purchase from the Paradise Gift Shop or from the website

Wednesday, September 24

Should you rent?

It is very easy to get attached to dive equipment, it’s yours, you know the little quirks and you have it set up exactly how you like. However, with airlines charging more and more for extra baggage, perhaps it is time to weigh up the value of bringing your own versus renting at your destination.

Here at Paradise, the Pro-Dive Team prides itself on stocking good quality and well maintained equipment for all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.

- We stock Oceanic and Scuba Pro products
- Well maintained
- Servicing performed by qualified technicians
- Air quality consistently monitored
- NITROX mixes up to 40%
- Emergency repairs can be handled in-house with parts inventory

So next time you are considering what to take on your dive trip, consider hiring instead of paying all those fees!

Wednesday, September 17

Born to Dive - farwell to our newest PADI Divemaster

Over the last three months we have been delighted to have Zara here in Paradise as part of the PADI Divemaster Program. Having now completed the program and been certified as a qualified Divemaster she will head home to the U.S.A to pursue a career in one of the best industries in the world! Before she left, we sat down with Zara to find out about her experience here at Paradise.

Zara is self-confessedly 'born to dive' having first been inspired to dive by her sisters. She had always loved animals and the underwater world had fascinated her, so after completing a degree in Marine Biology, diving was the logical next step. She has now been diving for seven years and by the time she leaves Paradise will have 200 dives under her belt.

Over the last three months she has collected many memories but being on the boat with the Pro Dive Team, Maikeli, Salotte, Joeli, Christine and William, is what she will think about as she heads home. And the turtles, she will never forget seeing so many turtles. Allan, her Instructor and owner of Paradise Taveuni, is someone she will never forget, having learnt so much from him, he made becoming a Divemaster, smooth sailing,well most of the time!

Zara has learnt more than just diving here, she has also learnt to be a part of another culture, learning the language, the customs, dancing and of course the Kava drinking. Zara recalls the warm welcome she got when she first got to Paradise "it was something unexpected and now, after three months, I feel like I have a whole second family." 

Going home is bittersweet but she looks forward to eating a Dunkin’ Donut toasted bagel with cream cheese!

Zara would like to thank the Pro Dive and Paradise Taveuni teams, especially Allan and Terri.

It has been a pleasure to have Zara here in Paradise and we would like to congratulate her on becoming a qualified Divemaster and wish her the best of luck out there in the ‘Big Blue’.

If you are interested in completing your Divemaster Internship in Paradise please get in contact with us.

Thursday, September 11

Capture the beauty of Paradise with complete piece of mind!

"Most photos are worth a thousand words.  Underwater ones are worth at least a million."
 Stephen Frink

Paradise Taveuni provides a world-class diving experience to divers from all over the world, every day. The legendary Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef are just at our doorstep, and we have spectacular diving just off the shoreline, guaranteeing each diver awe-inspiring hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish life. Recognising the sizeable investment of both time and money to witness and capture the wonder of the underwater world, Paradise is committed to offering premier facilities to ensure all your diving equipment is kept safe and secure, including all photographic equipment. 

Our state-of-the-art camera room is our newest innovation in camera care at Paradise. The room features 12 spacious work stations each fitted with universal power strips for charging, drying towels, non-slip mats and powerful lighting, all to ensure you can work with ease. We have multiple rinse tanks catering from the biggest to smallest cameras, two forced air drying stations, and access to our in-house laptop for transferring and storing images. A unique and important feature of the room is the availability of a desiccant enclosure to ensure, in the case of moisture getting inside the camera, it can be easily remedied. Finally, the room is a secure facility allowing safe storage between dives. 

The camera room is in addition to our other services, already in place. Rinse tanks on board all our diving vessels ensure that salt water won’t crystallise on housing controls, which damages the ‘O’ Rings. Our staff are all specifically trained in handling camera equipment so you can rest assured it will be properly looked after.  We are here to grow your enthusiasm and passion for underwater photography and encourage you to take away the best possible memories of Paradise. 

Camera Room Specifications
- 12 work stations
- Universal power strips
- Non-slip work mats
- 2 forced air drying stations
- Desiccant enclosure
- Multiple rinse tanks
- Secure facility
- In-house laptop

Monday, August 25

An Adventure In A Fijian Eden; by Elliot Fuller

An Article from Scuba & H20 Adventure
"A group of zealous travelers touches down on the archipelagic country of Fiji with scuba on their collective minds. The Pacific collective of 332 islands welcomes them with a calm, beach-swept breeze before they settle into their bunks and bures at the aptly named Paradise Tavenui. Fiji is a place renowned for grand adventures within verdant palms and on and beyond glimmering shores. And as our cadre of avid vacationers embarks from this lush terra ferma, they recognize something very important: This is just the beginning.
After voyaging above the crisp, azure waters of the Somosomo Strait between Tavenui Island and Vanua Levu, the eager explorers slowly descend into a utopian underwater world. Rainbow Reef is an almost mystical place where graceful pods of pilot whales sing their favorite choruses while stunning reef sharks and vibrant sea turtles meander about the sandy bottom. It’s a natural canvas perfectly complemented by a palette of sharply colored pink, red, yellow, orange, and purple soft coral reefscapes, which seemingly reaches out into eternity.
The scene changes from mellow to exciting as the team reaches the picturesque Great White Wall: an impressive structure of over 80 feet, which is blanketed by inviting white soft coral. The energy here is almost palpable as barracuda and reef sharks glide by and soft coral crabs scuttle down below. The Great White Wall offers a wide panorama of beauty and reflection, which makes it the zenith for underwater photographers looking to add something very unique to their portfolios. As they look to the surface, adventurers can spot rays of light beaming down through the reef, which further illuminate the wall’s already striking opportunities – it is an auspicious farewell to a day of underwater grandeur.
Back on land, the group returns to the luxurious Paradise Tavenui. The facility’s bures and vales, thatched traditionally and outfitted with modern accommodations, offer a perfect fusion of comfort, class, and a solid connection to nature. The vibrancy of Tavenui is just as prominent on land as it is in the sea: horseback riding, village tours, and mountain treks as such a few of these terrestrial adventures. Whether relaxing in sun-dappled lounge rooms, reeling in a big catch for dinner, or enjoying some intimacy in a private jacuzzi, guests spirit away their troubles. Eden on Tavenui, it seems, is inescapable.
Owned and operated by Allan and Terri Gortan and their wonderful staff, Paradise Taveuni, offers 16 accommodation choices including five Oceanfront Bures, five Tropical Bures, and six air-conditioned Oceanfront Vales.  Paradise and its wonderful staff present a detailed look into Fijian culture and the wonderful mystic islands of Fiji. Experience your own private paradise today by visiting"

Find the original article here:

Tuesday, June 10

Great White Wall

Taveuni's Signature Dive: Great White Wall

Do you love Great White Wall or are you interested to know more about this famous dive site?  Great White Wall is not only one of Fiji's signature dive sites, it's entirely unique! This dive combines drifting along a gorgeous wall covered in soft coral with several swim throughs. No other wall dive on Rainbow Reef possesses such a unique phenomenon! 

Drifting Along Great White Wall
Great White Wall has several swim throughs, one of which descends down to about 24 meters (80 feet). Upon exit you begin your drift past the Great White Wall. Each swim through is very wide and able to accommodate divers side by side. Both experienced and new divers alike can enjoy these swim throughs! They are not only beautiful, but full of fish, coral growth and light!

Paradise Diver Descending to Great White Wall
At first glance it appears that Great White Wall is covered in white soft coral, descending endlessly into the deep. If you get up close and shine your torch on the coral, you will discover that the soft coral is fact a light shade of purplish blue.
Colored Soft Coral on Great White Wall
Great White Wall must dived at specific times when the coral is in full bloom. Soft coral polyps open and feed on the nutrients in the current. You can examine the blooming coral up close or you can swim out into the blue and fully appreciate Great White Wall in all it's glory!

Expansive Great White Wall

 In addition to Great White Wall's famous white soft coral, there are many other colored soft corals to appreciate, such as this outcropping of pink and orange soft coral.

Even More Soft Coral on Great White Wall
At the end of your dive you can enjoy the top of the reef, teaming with life and more color!  We invite you to join us here in Paradise and experience the magic of Great White Wall!

Saturday, June 7

Macro Diving

Diving at Paradise Taveuni has something to offer for every diver. Those divers interested in the little critters will be delighted to know that there are endless creatures to see and photograph at just about every dive site here in Paradise. If you are new to macro photography and anxious to improve your skills, our dive sites offer many different subjects and opportunities from slow moving Nudibranches, to stationary hard and soft corals, fish and eels and all the small critters hiding from your lens in cracks and cervices.
Up Close with a Magnificent Clam at Rainbow Zen, Rainbow Reef
Soft corals, hard corals and tunicates inhabit Fiji's coral reef's in every shape and color imaginable. While these subjects are fun to look at during your dive, they can also be great subject matter to practice your macro photography.
Yellow Tunicate photographed at Purple Wall, Rainbow Reef
Several different species of Nudibranches can be found throughout Fijii. Slow moving Nudibranches are a great subject for those trying out macro photography for the first time. These colorful subjects lend themselves to great photographs.
Eye-Spot Nudibranch on Paradise House Reef
Christmas tree worms can be spotted on most dives. Their unique shape provides great practice for photographers working on their depth of field and focus. 
Christmas Tree Worms captured at Annie's Bommie, Rainbow Reef
Moray Eels can also be an interesting subject for macro photographers, while not the most obvious and easy choice for a photography, they are a fascinating subject to capture. 
Giant Moray Eel photographed on Paradise House Reef
If you look closely you might even spot a Banded Coral Shrimp cleaning a Moray Eel. Banded Coral Shrimp are one of many species that help an overwhelming number of marine wildlife stay free of parasites. If you are night diving on our house reef, Banded Coral Shrimp can be spotted in endless array. 
Banded Coral Shrimp at Coral Gardens
 Fish can sometimes be tricky subjects for macro photography. Their stealth-like movements make focus sometimes impossible, however for the patient photographer they prove a rewarding subject.
Damselfish photographed at Freeway, Rainbow Reef
Damselfish are fast moving, feisty creatures, fiercely protecting their realms. Capturing a macro shot of one is certainly a feat!
Golden Damsel Photographed at Paradise House Reef
Leather Coral can be a great subject for macro videography and photography. It's flowing movement is beautiful subject matter, pulsating and undulating right before your lens.
Leather Coral at The Zoo, Rainbow Reef
We thank our guests for these fantastic macro images. We invite you to join us here in Paradise and seek out your next macro subject or just come join the fun!
Extreme Close Up of Hard Coral, Paradise House Reef

Saturday, May 31

50% off specials extended till 14th June

Our 50% Off Specials are proving so popular that we are 
extending until 14th June. 

Our Reservations Manager, is standing by to arrange your vacation in Paradise.

The 50% OFF Specials offer an all-inclusive package - accommodation, meals, transfers and activities of choice - diving, action, spa treatments, romantic extras, WEDDINGS and of course family activities to enjoy together.

We can even Tailor-Make a package for you. Tell us what you are interested in doing and we'll give you a great package and only charge you 50% for it!

The Specials allow you to stay in Paradise now - 31 March 2015 excluding the Festive Season. 
Hurry! Contact us now !!!!

Friday, May 30

Night Diving

Paradise Taveuni is blessed with a vibrant house reef teaming with life both during the day and at night. Our house reef has a shallow sloping reef and a deeper wall. If you have never tried night diving then our house reef is perfect for you. It is easily accessible and offers the possibility to stay shallow for your entire dive while you search for critters such as octopus, mantas shrimp, blue ribbon eels, and much more. And for those night diving enthusiasts out there, our house reef awaits with deeper challenges and discovery.

Sunset Diving in Paradise
A sunset dive offers the chance to witness the reef transform with the waning sunlight. Not only is it a great chance to get acquainted with the reef before it becomes dark,  it's also fun and exciting to watch a gradual change in the reef's activity.

Crown of Thorns 
If you choose to dive a couple hours after sun down, you will be rewarded a startling array of nighttime reef creatures, many of which only come out at night. Feather stars will be out in vast array in every size and color imaginable, expanding and contracting in an almost eerie way.

Brown Feather Star Photographed on Paradise House Reef
Most species of Lionfish become most active at night. Here on our house reef, smaller Spotfin Lionfish can be found in shallow water while Common Lionfish can be found a bit deeper, swimming along and hunting for prey.

A Common Lionfish Out on the Hunt at Night
Keep your eyes peeled for octopus, eels, lobsters, hermit crabs, sea cucumbers and crabs, all of which can be spotted on our house reef.  Just the other day mating octopus where spotted right off our dock!

Hermit Crab spotted at Night on our Paradise House Reef
If you remember to look towards the surface you might spot squid, alone, or in small groups, get close enough and you might get inked!

Colorful Squid Out and About at Night
If you want to experience a little magic during you night dive, before you enter the water, look at the surface closely, you should be able to spot an endless sparkling of single celled organisms lighting up. Bioluminescence can be seen all throughout your dive. Swish your hand back and forth in front and witness the glowing blue and green bioluminescence. Turn your flashlight off for a few minutes during your dive watch a bioluminescent fireworks show right before your eyes, here in Paradise.

Soft Coral Illuminated at Night
Come join us here in Paradise and enjoy sunset and night dives on our reef, the show starts daily at 4pm!

Black Feather Star and Hard Coral

Sunday, May 25

Guest Photo Blog Highlighting the Anemonefish of Paradise

Pink Anemonefish and Host Anemone

There are 19 species of anemonefish that can be found throughout the South Pacific, several of which are highlighted here, photographed by Paradise Taveuni guests at both Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef.
Fiji Anemonefish (Amphiprion barberi)
Anemonefish, also known as clownfish were certainly made famous in the film Finding Nemo. They are indeed as fun to admire underwater as they are on the big screen. Shy and sometimes difficult to photograph, anemonefish are a rewarding shot for the patient photographer.

Orange-Finned Anemonefish and Juvenile (Amphiprion chrysopterus)
Interesting facts about anemonefish: The majority are hermaphrodites, changing between male and female sexes at different times during their lives. In a colony of anemonefish, if the dominant female dies, the breeding male will change his sex to assume the role of dominant female.
 Orange-Finned Anemonefish
There are endless opportunities to see many different species of anemonefish here at Paradise Taveuni. If you are interested to spot their eggs, just have a look around the flat surfaces near their host anemone or on the underside of their anemone, but beware, some are rather feisty when it comes to protecting their eggs and their home! 
Close Up of Detail of Anemone Tentacles
Paradise Taveuni would like to thank our guests for these wonderful images. Come dive with us here in Paradise and see how many fish and reef creatures you can identify!

Friday, May 23

Meet Christine! Pro Dive Team Member & Dive Guide

Christine Riley, Pro Dive Team Member & Dive Guide

Christine is one of our Pro Dive team members and dive guide. She is a certified Divemaster with over 300 dives. We sat down with Christine after a wonderful day of diving out at Rainbow Reef to ask her a few questions about her love for diving.

Christine learned to dive after taking a Discover Scuba lesson and fell in love with the beauty beneath the sea. Her favorite marine creature is the turtle, however small critters are a close second she says! Her favorite dive site is Purple Wall at Rainbow Reef, where she relishes in the striking colors of the soft corals found there.

Soft Coral and Black Feather Star at Purple Wall

Christine's perfect day of diving would be three dives out at Rainbow Reef, starting with The Zoo, and then onto White Wall at full blossom. To round out a great day of diving she would do a third dive at Annie's Bommie, where she can admire large coral bommies booming with life and color.

In her free time Christine loves to spend time with her family. What she likes most about her native Fiji are its people and its beautiful terrain. If she had to leave her homeland for a dive trip, her dream destination would be Bonaire.

As a Pro Dive team member she enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and learning about their cultures, and of course diving with them!

Christine remembers a very funny moment when doing her Divemaster training here at Paradise with fellow teammate, Joeli. Joeli was paired with an English gentlemen and the duo needed to work out an air sharing strategy while taking off and exchanging their gear with eachother. Christine completed her task with flying colors however Joeli and his partner lost count of their breathing and both members had to shoot to the surface. Of course no one was injured, everyone learned from their mistake with a good laugh!

Come dive with Christine and our Pro Dive Team here in Paradise!

Unique White Wall

Awarded Certificate of Excellence 2014

TripAdvisor is delighted to award Paradise Taveuni with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence.

This prestigious award recognises businesses that consistently earn top ratings from TripAdvisor travellers.