Sunday, May 25

Guest Photo Blog Highlighting the Anemonefish of Paradise

Pink Anemonefish and Host Anemone

There are 19 species of anemonefish that can be found throughout the South Pacific, several of which are highlighted here, photographed by Paradise Taveuni guests at both Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef.
Fiji Anemonefish (Amphiprion barberi)
Anemonefish, also known as clownfish were certainly made famous in the film Finding Nemo. They are indeed as fun to admire underwater as they are on the big screen. Shy and sometimes difficult to photograph, anemonefish are a rewarding shot for the patient photographer.

Orange-Finned Anemonefish and Juvenile (Amphiprion chrysopterus)
Interesting facts about anemonefish: The majority are hermaphrodites, changing between male and female sexes at different times during their lives. In a colony of anemonefish, if the dominant female dies, the breeding male will change his sex to assume the role of dominant female.
 Orange-Finned Anemonefish
There are endless opportunities to see many different species of anemonefish here at Paradise Taveuni. If you are interested to spot their eggs, just have a look around the flat surfaces near their host anemone or on the underside of their anemone, but beware, some are rather feisty when it comes to protecting their eggs and their home! 
Close Up of Detail of Anemone Tentacles
Paradise Taveuni would like to thank our guests for these wonderful images. Come dive with us here in Paradise and see how many fish and reef creatures you can identify!

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