Friday, May 23

Meet Christine! Pro Dive Team Member & Dive Guide

Christine Riley, Pro Dive Team Member & Dive Guide

Christine is one of our Pro Dive team members and dive guide. She is a certified Divemaster with over 300 dives. We sat down with Christine after a wonderful day of diving out at Rainbow Reef to ask her a few questions about her love for diving.

Christine learned to dive after taking a Discover Scuba lesson and fell in love with the beauty beneath the sea. Her favorite marine creature is the turtle, however small critters are a close second she says! Her favorite dive site is Purple Wall at Rainbow Reef, where she relishes in the striking colors of the soft corals found there.

Soft Coral and Black Feather Star at Purple Wall

Christine's perfect day of diving would be three dives out at Rainbow Reef, starting with The Zoo, and then onto White Wall at full blossom. To round out a great day of diving she would do a third dive at Annie's Bommie, where she can admire large coral bommies booming with life and color.

In her free time Christine loves to spend time with her family. What she likes most about her native Fiji are its people and its beautiful terrain. If she had to leave her homeland for a dive trip, her dream destination would be Bonaire.

As a Pro Dive team member she enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and learning about their cultures, and of course diving with them!

Christine remembers a very funny moment when doing her Divemaster training here at Paradise with fellow teammate, Joeli. Joeli was paired with an English gentlemen and the duo needed to work out an air sharing strategy while taking off and exchanging their gear with eachother. Christine completed her task with flying colors however Joeli and his partner lost count of their breathing and both members had to shoot to the surface. Of course no one was injured, everyone learned from their mistake with a good laugh!

Come dive with Christine and our Pro Dive Team here in Paradise!

Unique White Wall

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