Friday, May 30

Night Diving

Paradise Taveuni is blessed with a vibrant house reef teaming with life both during the day and at night. Our house reef has a shallow sloping reef and a deeper wall. If you have never tried night diving then our house reef is perfect for you. It is easily accessible and offers the possibility to stay shallow for your entire dive while you search for critters such as octopus, mantas shrimp, blue ribbon eels, and much more. And for those night diving enthusiasts out there, our house reef awaits with deeper challenges and discovery.

Sunset Diving in Paradise
A sunset dive offers the chance to witness the reef transform with the waning sunlight. Not only is it a great chance to get acquainted with the reef before it becomes dark,  it's also fun and exciting to watch a gradual change in the reef's activity.

Crown of Thorns 
If you choose to dive a couple hours after sun down, you will be rewarded a startling array of nighttime reef creatures, many of which only come out at night. Feather stars will be out in vast array in every size and color imaginable, expanding and contracting in an almost eerie way.

Brown Feather Star Photographed on Paradise House Reef
Most species of Lionfish become most active at night. Here on our house reef, smaller Spotfin Lionfish can be found in shallow water while Common Lionfish can be found a bit deeper, swimming along and hunting for prey.

A Common Lionfish Out on the Hunt at Night
Keep your eyes peeled for octopus, eels, lobsters, hermit crabs, sea cucumbers and crabs, all of which can be spotted on our house reef.  Just the other day mating octopus where spotted right off our dock!

Hermit Crab spotted at Night on our Paradise House Reef
If you remember to look towards the surface you might spot squid, alone, or in small groups, get close enough and you might get inked!

Colorful Squid Out and About at Night
If you want to experience a little magic during you night dive, before you enter the water, look at the surface closely, you should be able to spot an endless sparkling of single celled organisms lighting up. Bioluminescence can be seen all throughout your dive. Swish your hand back and forth in front and witness the glowing blue and green bioluminescence. Turn your flashlight off for a few minutes during your dive watch a bioluminescent fireworks show right before your eyes, here in Paradise.

Soft Coral Illuminated at Night
Come join us here in Paradise and enjoy sunset and night dives on our reef, the show starts daily at 4pm!

Black Feather Star and Hard Coral

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