Friday, May 16

Surfing in Paradise

The island north of Taveuni is Qamea (pr: ga-may-a) and it has one of the best hidden surf breaks in Fiji. Take a day trip to discover it or learn to surf it!  An early breakfast gets you stated at 5.30am (ouch) with a 6.00am departure from Paradise. A 1 hour drive up the island gets you to a smaller Taveuni Resort where you will choose your board. The island boat will meet you at the wharf at 7.00am and a small boat trip takes you across to the picturesque island of Qamea.
Your local guides will brief you and get you out to the break for a day of surfing. If you are a learner, the local guide will teach you the basics so you can get out there too. Enjoy lunch on the island, snorkelling, beach combing or more surfing. A short boat trip takes you back to Taveuni and our driver will be waiting to drive you back to Paradise.

Includes lunch, towels, board hire, road and water transfers. Ask our Manager if you would like to take a cooler of beverages and refreshments to be charged to your room.

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