Tuesday, June 10

Great White Wall

Taveuni's Signature Dive: Great White Wall

Do you love Great White Wall or are you interested to know more about this famous dive site?  Great White Wall is not only one of Fiji's signature dive sites, it's entirely unique! This dive combines drifting along a gorgeous wall covered in soft coral with several swim throughs. No other wall dive on Rainbow Reef possesses such a unique phenomenon! 

Drifting Along Great White Wall
Great White Wall has several swim throughs, one of which descends down to about 24 meters (80 feet). Upon exit you begin your drift past the Great White Wall. Each swim through is very wide and able to accommodate divers side by side. Both experienced and new divers alike can enjoy these swim throughs! They are not only beautiful, but full of fish, coral growth and light!

Paradise Diver Descending to Great White Wall
At first glance it appears that Great White Wall is covered in white soft coral, descending endlessly into the deep. If you get up close and shine your torch on the coral, you will discover that the soft coral is fact a light shade of purplish blue.
Colored Soft Coral on Great White Wall
Great White Wall must dived at specific times when the coral is in full bloom. Soft coral polyps open and feed on the nutrients in the current. You can examine the blooming coral up close or you can swim out into the blue and fully appreciate Great White Wall in all it's glory!

Expansive Great White Wall

 In addition to Great White Wall's famous white soft coral, there are many other colored soft corals to appreciate, such as this outcropping of pink and orange soft coral.

Even More Soft Coral on Great White Wall
At the end of your dive you can enjoy the top of the reef, teaming with life and more color!  We invite you to join us here in Paradise and experience the magic of Great White Wall!

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