Monday, August 25

An Adventure In A Fijian Eden; by Elliot Fuller

An Article from Scuba & H20 Adventure
"A group of zealous travelers touches down on the archipelagic country of Fiji with scuba on their collective minds. The Pacific collective of 332 islands welcomes them with a calm, beach-swept breeze before they settle into their bunks and bures at the aptly named Paradise Tavenui. Fiji is a place renowned for grand adventures within verdant palms and on and beyond glimmering shores. And as our cadre of avid vacationers embarks from this lush terra ferma, they recognize something very important: This is just the beginning.
After voyaging above the crisp, azure waters of the Somosomo Strait between Tavenui Island and Vanua Levu, the eager explorers slowly descend into a utopian underwater world. Rainbow Reef is an almost mystical place where graceful pods of pilot whales sing their favorite choruses while stunning reef sharks and vibrant sea turtles meander about the sandy bottom. It’s a natural canvas perfectly complemented by a palette of sharply colored pink, red, yellow, orange, and purple soft coral reefscapes, which seemingly reaches out into eternity.
The scene changes from mellow to exciting as the team reaches the picturesque Great White Wall: an impressive structure of over 80 feet, which is blanketed by inviting white soft coral. The energy here is almost palpable as barracuda and reef sharks glide by and soft coral crabs scuttle down below. The Great White Wall offers a wide panorama of beauty and reflection, which makes it the zenith for underwater photographers looking to add something very unique to their portfolios. As they look to the surface, adventurers can spot rays of light beaming down through the reef, which further illuminate the wall’s already striking opportunities – it is an auspicious farewell to a day of underwater grandeur.
Back on land, the group returns to the luxurious Paradise Tavenui. The facility’s bures and vales, thatched traditionally and outfitted with modern accommodations, offer a perfect fusion of comfort, class, and a solid connection to nature. The vibrancy of Tavenui is just as prominent on land as it is in the sea: horseback riding, village tours, and mountain treks as such a few of these terrestrial adventures. Whether relaxing in sun-dappled lounge rooms, reeling in a big catch for dinner, or enjoying some intimacy in a private jacuzzi, guests spirit away their troubles. Eden on Tavenui, it seems, is inescapable.
Owned and operated by Allan and Terri Gortan and their wonderful staff, Paradise Taveuni, offers 16 accommodation choices including five Oceanfront Bures, five Tropical Bures, and six air-conditioned Oceanfront Vales.  Paradise and its wonderful staff present a detailed look into Fijian culture and the wonderful mystic islands of Fiji. Experience your own private paradise today by visiting"

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