Monday, August 4

Diving Paradise Reef – Shore Dive from Paradise Taveuni with Pro Dive Taveuni

With its deep water frontage, Paradise Taveuni has excellent shore diving right on its doorstep. The House Reef is easily accessible from the marina’s jetty and can be dived on any tide and at any time of the day.

 Paradise  Reef offers divers a wide diversity of terrains. lnitially shallow around the jetty and surrounded by coral heads, divers can quickly descend a steep slope of beautiful hard corals to 30m if they choose or explore at a shallower depth. By heading North along the slope, divers get the chance to discover the many small creatures that have made Paradise Reef their home. Damsels and blue chromis abound, nudibranches and leopard cowries nestle in the crevices, and banded sea snakes delve about looking for food .The chance of big encounters always exists too. A pair of spotted eagle rays glided past recently and manta rays flew past just 20m from the jetty.

If divers head south from the marina, they have the opportunity to witness the sheer diversity of Paradise Reef. The steep slope shallows out, accompanied by an army of cheeky striped fusiliers and becomes a large sandy bottomed area ranging from 5m-15m .This is a photographer’s playground with lionfish of all sizes and displays of Christmas tree worms sprinkled over all the coral heads.  Further on divers will find another new territory - a field of sea grass guarded staunchly by its resident anemone fish and scoured for food by hungry titan triggers.

With its huge variety of terrains and marine life this House Reef is truly a diver’s and photographer’s playground, offering something new around every corner

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