Thursday, September 11

Capture the beauty of Paradise with complete piece of mind!

"Most photos are worth a thousand words.  Underwater ones are worth at least a million."
 Stephen Frink

Paradise Taveuni provides a world-class diving experience to divers from all over the world, every day. The legendary Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef are just at our doorstep, and we have spectacular diving just off the shoreline, guaranteeing each diver awe-inspiring hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish life. Recognising the sizeable investment of both time and money to witness and capture the wonder of the underwater world, Paradise is committed to offering premier facilities to ensure all your diving equipment is kept safe and secure, including all photographic equipment. 

Our state-of-the-art camera room is our newest innovation in camera care at Paradise. The room features 12 spacious work stations each fitted with universal power strips for charging, drying towels, non-slip mats and powerful lighting, all to ensure you can work with ease. We have multiple rinse tanks catering from the biggest to smallest cameras, two forced air drying stations, and access to our in-house laptop for transferring and storing images. A unique and important feature of the room is the availability of a desiccant enclosure to ensure, in the case of moisture getting inside the camera, it can be easily remedied. Finally, the room is a secure facility allowing safe storage between dives. 

The camera room is in addition to our other services, already in place. Rinse tanks on board all our diving vessels ensure that salt water won’t crystallise on housing controls, which damages the ‘O’ Rings. Our staff are all specifically trained in handling camera equipment so you can rest assured it will be properly looked after.  We are here to grow your enthusiasm and passion for underwater photography and encourage you to take away the best possible memories of Paradise. 

Camera Room Specifications
- 12 work stations
- Universal power strips
- Non-slip work mats
- 2 forced air drying stations
- Desiccant enclosure
- Multiple rinse tanks
- Secure facility
- In-house laptop

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