Thursday, September 3

Dive The Pristine Vuna Reef!

Vuna reef is an amazing underwater paradise. 

Dive with us on Vuna Reef
Vuna reef is located on the southern tip of Taveuni island and is a purely magical place. It has more than 10 specific dive sites with its own special features and each attracting a variety of different marine life.

A holiday in Taveuni without diving the Vuna reef is an incomplete vacation. Here you will find beautiful orange and pink corals  that contrasts with its brilliant blue ocean water.

Paradise Taveuni is the only resort on Taveuni island that offers dive in the pristine Vuna reef.

With so many spectacular dives it can be difficult to choose a favourite plus you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Wibi 1405 said...

Planing my next vacation. Maybe to the Vuna Reef. Thanks for the Informations. Nice done!!


Anthony Okiro said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing underwater picture with us. I will try my best for spending my next holidays in Vuna Reef. Please keep sharing some more beautiful images of there.

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Anthony Okiro said...

Such a nice blog and I appreciate your all efforts about your thoughts. It’s really good work. well done, amazing underwater pictures.

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melinamacdove said...

Nice blog, it provides many informative and helpful articles. Thanks for sharing the information. Looking for more updates in future.

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